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Less than 20% of computer science graduates are women, and only 26% of tech company leaders are women.

Change needs to happen. At Rewriting the Code, we’re disrupting the traditional University talent sourcing and recruitment process by providing companies direct access to an aggregated community of diverse talent from 875+ colleges and universities and 110+ countries across three key stages of a woman’s tech journey:

  • Undergraduate College Students
  • Graduate Students
  • Early Career (up to five years of professional experience)

We help top companies like these hire more women.

Your nonprofit partner in attracting and retaining top women in tech talent.

To create the change we want to see, we connect women with the tools and education to sustain a career in tech, and we provide companies with a national, diverse talent network. Through recruiting and participation in our year-round programs and events, companies have the unique opportunity to not only attract highly skilled women to their organizations but also to be an influencing factor in their decision to continue their pursuit of technology.

These are a few of the ways your organization can benefit from engaging with the RTC community:

A direct connection between talent and your hiring teams

Connect engineers in your company with RTC members and help them explore tech positions and leadership roles. Participate in or host events, workshops, and training programs that equip women with the knowledge they need to excel technically, professionally, and personally.

Mentor the tech leaders of tomorrow

RTC’s Mentorship program offers expertise and knowledge-sharing opportunities with the community. Our program allows for ad-hoc or longer-term support of students and early career members with resume writing, interviewing, career exploration, and more.

Targeted visibility with RTC Tech Interest Communities

RTC women explore diverse interests in student-led groups that host various educational and skill-building programs via private Slack channels. Collaborate with these leaders on mentoring, conference scholarships, HQ visits, and other initiatives related to their areas of expertise.

Member interaction through online and in-person experiences

Access our diverse and talented talent network from 875+ colleges and universities, with interactions beginning as early as students’ first year in college. Efficiently and effectively recruit through talent database access, the RTC Virtual Career Summit, Black Wings Hacks, summer intern experiences, community events, conference meetups, campus/city recruiting events, and more.

Financial assistance to close the graduation gap

The RTC Women in Tech Fund supports members who need financial assistance to complete their computing degrees. Invest in specific student groups through custom funds, including targeted student eligibility, data sharing, and custom reporting.

Hiring insights and best practices to improve your recruiting strategy

Gain actionable insights from our annual intern and new graduate surveys. Learn best practices to improve your recruiting processes and demonstrate your commitment to diversity and inclusion in the tech workforce.

I became a partner of RTC because I believe in Sue’s vision and commitment to Women in CS. RTC isn’t just a community. It is a center of learning and development for Women pursuing careers in tech. When we interact with students from RTC, they are job ready, and we know that their transition into the tech workforce is supported not only by us but by RTC. Supporting Black Wings and seeing the intentionality of supporting and celebrating the intersections within the community (including Latinas de RTC) is a highlight of our partnership. I encourage you to consider partnering with RTC for your early and emerging talent needs.

Roz Francuz-Harris, VP of Talent Acquisition, Zillow
RTC women at Lyft HQ

Partner with RTC

Our team has a proven track record of successfully connecting companies with top women talent and creating meaningful engagement opportunities. By partnering with Rewriting the Code, you are building relationships and hiring talented women in tech, all while positioning your company as a champion for diversity and inclusion.

Become a partner

We provide companies with a global network of diverse talent so you can hire more efficiently.

Rewriting the Code connects your recruiting team to a community of women pursuing careers in computer science, data science, UX/UI, hardware, cybersecurity, AI, gaming, and so much more. We support these women intentionally throughout the first decade of their journey in tech.

What makes our community strong:

We’re Women-Centered

All students identifying as women are welcome, creating a diverse community in their interests, skills, and backgrounds.

We’re Inclusive

We emphasize supporting intersectionality, including Black, Latina, Native American, and international women, fighting barriers of discrimination while fostering a sense of inclusion and belonging by engaging the unique perspectives of culturally diverse women.

We Believe in Equal Access

Correcting inequity starts with us. Providing accessible membership is the first step to a more equitable workplace.

We Offer Holistic Support

We facilitate year-round access and needed support for these women with technical, professional, and personal development, broad industry and career path exploration, recruiting, and mentorship.

We’re Data-Driven

Our numbers don’t lie. We aim to collect quantifiable results through survey design, execution, and analysis to provide the most relevant and timely programs for women and insights for companies.

We’re Sustainable

To uphold our mission for a more gender-inclusive environment, we support women throughout the first decade of their journey. Our support does not end at graduation or the end of a conference.

I’ve felt very proud to work with Rewriting the Code and support its impactful work in creating access and opportunities for gender minorities in tech and beyond. Being involved in RTC’s panels, career fairs, and smaller student events has been a great way for our team to interact with students from underrepresented groups. We’ve also been lucky and excited to have Rewriting the Code students join our team!

Hannah O’Toole, Early Career Recruiter, Figma

Join our partners who are helping us change the face of technology.

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Hire more women in tech with Rewriting the Code.

Together, we can make a real impact in addressing the tech industry’s diversity and inclusion challenges. As a partner of Rewriting the Code, your company will have the opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to diversity and inclusion while making a positive difference in the lives of underrepresented communities.

We’d love to connect with your team to learn more about your hiring goals and how to best to showcase your company and team to Rewriting the Code members. Complete the form below to get in touch with our team.

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Hire more women in tech with Rewriting the Code

Together, we can make the tech industry more diverse and inclusive. Becoming an RTC partner demonstrates your company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion while making a positive difference in the lives of underrepresented communities.

We’d love to connect with your team to learn more about your hiring goals and how to best showcase your company to Rewriting the Code members. Complete the form below to get in touch.

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