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What makes her awesome

I am originally from Conakry, in West Africa, and always dreamed of impacting the healthcare industry there and everywhere in the world. My goal is to gain solid and robust technical skills that can help me advance in the Machine Learning field and later build intelligent software for healthcare. To pursue this goal, I was fortunate to do research in ML and healthcare in my freshman year about predicting the likelihood of a woman having breast cancer, and currently, I work at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab as a ML research assistant.

  • The moment she knew a career in tech was for her

    I started college undecided between pre-med and mathematics. When I took my first programming in my freshman year, I was challenged and intrigued by the wonders of coding, and decided to pursue Computer Science to build cool things and have an impact.
  • What the RTC community means to her

    During the pandemic, I was looking for ways to build a network and one of my good friends and mentors referred me to join RTC. RTC has helped me grow professionally and feel included in the tech industry. It is truly a community that reminds me that women have a place in tech.

I want to use technology to help with predicting or preventing disease with the use of ML algorithms.

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