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What makes her awesome

I’m currently a 4th-year international student at Minerva University have interned. I love anything art-related and traveling! I also love sharing knowledge with others and running the Girls in AI Azerbaijan community back home for high school students to get them early exposure to AI and CS. As an international student and the first to study CS in my family, it was very hard to navigate the tech space, so I started my Medium blog where I share about getting internships and sharing also experiences of others there. I’m proud that I have completed internships at Google and Meta, and want other students to know about the feasibility of those opportunities!

  • The moment she knew a career in tech was for her

    I was an art student and always loved creating and building things. When picking what I wanted to study, I wanted it to be creative and practical. I think CS is the perfect subject to gain valuable skills and use as an enhancement to anything you like to do.
  • What the RTC community means to her

    I wanted to find a community of women where I could feel comfortable sharing my experiences and asking for help. RTC served a significant role in seeing this support community and surviving the recruiting seasons!

I’m highly passionate about accessible education and see myself working in EdTech companies before launching my own.