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What makes her awesome

I am in the last year of my Master’s program in math at the University of Vermont. I will join the MIT Lincoln Lab in July to research cybersecurity. I love listening to audiobooks, podcasts, and music (I spent 7.2 days in 2022 listening to Taylor Swift, according to my Spotify Wrapped!) and trying new foods.

  • The moment she knew a career in tech was for her

    I was inspired by my parents, who worked as software engineers for most of my childhood, and by the amazing faculty I interacted with at UCLA, where I did my undergrad. My parents wanted me to pursue a career in STEM, and as I got further and further in my math education, I discovered that applied math research was really exciting! I got to work with faculty applying math to cybersecurity, economics, the social sciences, and neuroscience. These experiences made me want to pursue a career in research!
  • What the RTC community means to her

    I joined to meet more women and people of other genders in computer science and to take advantage of RTC career fairs. The RTC community has been really amazing: the “Prepping for GHC” workshop was incredibly helpful in shaping my GHC experience, and I ended up getting a full-time offer at GHC! I also love being able to talk about the job hunt with so many others on the TYC Slack: I love that I can get help and give help all at once. 🙂

I’ve recently become super interested in cybersecurity through my master’s thesis in cryptography. I’m also interested in network science applications to the social sciences — I used to do social network research and would love to continue studying information spread on networks! I would also love to research graph theory and learn more about math applications to help immigrant communities.