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What makes her awesome

I’m a senior at Stanford right now studying computer science and have been involved in the diabetes open-source community for almost 5 years. I think mobile development is really awesome and enjoy working on projects where I have the chance to blend technology with thinking about users and their needs. Outside of tech, I love running or hiking the trails near my house, trying random new recipes I find on Pinterest, reading lots of non-fiction, and exploring new places.

  • The moment she knew a career in tech was for her

    For me, it was a gradual shift over time. For a while, I thought I wanted to be a physician leading diabetes technology clinical trials. As I kept coding and diving into tech, I found myself pushing off my medical school application date more and more until I realized I loved coding so much that I wanted to be an engineer full-time.
  • What the RTC community means to her

    I joined RTC to access more support and resources than my school offered. I’ve found it very validating to hear the experiences of other women in tech and know that I’m not alone (and everything will work out in the end!)

I care about using technology as a tool to make the lives of people from diverse backgrounds better or easier. I’m particularly interested in doing so for diabetes and health.

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