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What makes her awesome

I am a senior majoring in Computer Science (graduating Spring ’23!). After graduation, I will start at GoDaddy as a Software Engineer. Besides my passion for tech and the inclusivity of it, I love to travel, go on walks, and try new restaurants!

  • The moment she knew a career in tech was for her

    Attending a Kode with Klossy camp during the summer broadened my perspective on how you can use coding to change the world and make real impact.
  • What the RTC community means to her

    I sought a community of inspiring, like-minded individuals interested in computer science and adjacent fields. RTC has helped me gain that network, as well as provided me with career-related opportunities!

I am interested in developing ethical, embodied Artificial Intelligence to integrate into people’s everyday lives. AI can be used to optimize and provide more accessible healthcare solutions, and that is something I think we will see more of in the near future.