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Meet Esther

What makes her awesome Hello! I’m Esther, and I am a Computer Science student who is passionate about learning new things and pursuing a career in software engineering. Besides my … Continued

Meet Emma

What makes her awesome I have a hermit crab at school named sundried tomato who I LOVE. I’m also involved with the DEI committee at UNC’s computer science department where … Continued

Meet Salamata

What makes her awesome I am originally from Conakry, in West Africa, and always dreamed of impacting the healthcare industry there and everywhere in the world. My goal is to … Continued

Meet Dominique

What makes her awesome Outside of tech, I like to paint people’s portraits which I get paid for. I have published a novel, a research paper and got awards for … Continued

Meet Patrice

What makes her awesome I am fascinated by the impact technology has on people’s lives. As a result, I hope to work with a team that focuses on building and … Continued

Meet Amanda

What makes her awesome I am a senior majoring in Computer Science (graduating Spring ’23!). After graduation, I will start at GoDaddy as a Software Engineer. Besides my passion for … Continued

Meet Anna

What makes her awesome I’m a senior at Stanford right now studying computer science and have been involved in the diabetes open-source community for almost 5 years. I think mobile … Continued

Meet Annie

What makes her awesome I am in the last year of my Master’s program in math at the University of Vermont. I will join the MIT Lincoln Lab in July … Continued

Meet Nina

What makes her awesome I’m currently a 4th-year international student at Minerva University have interned. I love anything art-related and traveling! I also love sharing knowledge with others and running … Continued

Meet Alice

What makes her awesome At university, I learned the core concepts of computer science and was able to explore different areas through electives. However, I found that there are just … Continued