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Join a community of women in the same stage of your career going through the exact same things you are. We’re here to connect you with your peers and empower you to take control of your journey through events and programs like the RTC financial series, career development workshops, and early career mentorship.

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Our Rise programs, available for both college and early-career members, help prepare women to be confident, well-rounded engineers and leaders.

Through Rise, you’ll gain access to educational programs designed around key challenges across seven core areas:

    • Interest Exploration: Explore career pathways to find your fit in tech

    • Recruiting Success: Learn and practice skills to stand out during the recruiting process

    • Confidence and Self-Care: Build confidence and develop self-care practices

    • Career Acceleration and Leadership: Pick up non-technical power skills to excel in internships or jobs and advance in your career

    • Financial Literacy and Independence: Develop skills for financial growth, security, and independence

    • Cultural Humility: Focus on tools for self-awareness, explore diversity and promote inclusion

    • Tech Trends and Tools: Discover emerging technologies and technical skills that, while common in the workplace, aren’t often taught in college

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Together, we can make the tech industry more diverse and inclusive. Becoming an RTC partner demonstrates your company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion while making a positive difference in the lives of underrepresented communities.

We’d love to connect with your team to learn more about your hiring goals and how to best showcase your company to Rewriting the Code members. Complete the form below to get in touch.

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